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Unmatched Quality and Performance

Where Craftsmanship meets Innovation

Our premium industrial brushes are designed to bring unmatched quality and performance to your operations. We proudly serve diverse industries, delivering unbeatable quality at prices that make your operations shine.

Precision-engineered for Longevity and Precision

Unleash Efficiency with Aviva's Rotary/Cylindrical Brushes

Aviva Brushes introduces rotary/cylindrical brushes, meticulously crafted for superior performance. These precision-engineered brushes are designed for durability and precision, enhancing your processes. Whether you operate in various industries or have unique requirements, our brushes consistently deliver outstanding results, elevating your operations. Experience the Aviva advantage and unlock newfound efficiency. Elevate your standards with our trusted rotary brushes. 

Yellow Crimp Sweepmaster 600

Disc/Circular Brushes:
Versatile Solutions for
Various Applications

Aviva Brushes proudly presents our range of disc brushes, designed to enhance performance across various applications. These purpose-built tools are meticulously crafted to elevate your operations with precision and effectiveness. Aviva’s Disc Brushes deliver a balance of high-performance and reliability that can’t be beaten. Whether you need specialized tools for specific tasks or a dependable solution for general use, Aviva Brushes has the perfect match for you


Durable brushes for efficient material removal and deburring processes.


High-quality brushes for precision cleaning and surface finishing.
Scrubber With Aquastop Silicon – Sweep

Durability Meets Efficiency with Aviva's Synthetic Fill Brushes

Aviva’s synthetic fill brushes are engineered to last longer and work smarter. These brushes optimise your processes and enhance your bottom line. Experience the Aviva advantage and discover how our synthetic fill brushes redefine durability and efficiency. 

Scrubber Polypropelene – Sweep

Tackle Tough Challenges with Aviva's Abrasive Fill Brushes

Aviva’s abrasive fill brushes are your trusted allies in conquering the toughest challenges on demanding surfaces. With precision and grit, these brushes outperform the competition, making the impossible, possible.Elevate your standards and optimise your processes with Aviva.

We constantly push the boundaries of what brushes can achieve, delivering unmatched performance.
Our commitment to excellence ensures that every brush we produce meets the highest standards.
Escalator Cleaner Abrasive Silicon – Sweep

Embrace Eco-Friendly Brush Solutions with Aviva

Aviva Brushes offers eco-friendly brush solutions with our natural fill brushes, designed for sustainability and peak performance. Our brushes harmonise performance and environmental consciousness. Discover how Aviva’s natural fill brushes create a brighter, more sustainable future for your operations.

Textile Comber Brush Mexican – Sweep

Precision in Every Stroke with Aviva's Metal/Wire Fill Brushes

Aviva’s metal/wire fill brushes bring unparalleled strength and precision. Crafted with expertise, these brushes redefine precision in your processes. Explore our Metal/Wire Fill Brushes section and discover how you can elevate your operations with precision, one stroke at a time. Experience the Aviva advantage and see why professionals trust our brushes.

Road Sweeper Brush Spring – Sweep
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